Our services are priced in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and are charged annually.

PayNow is preferred.

But we accept many payment methods too!
Bank Transfer, TransferWise, Credit Card via Stripe or PayPal.

Our hosting servers are primarily hosted in Singapore to reduce latency, this is very useful for our Web hosting and Cloud Backup services.

Some services are hosted in the United States.


To register a .SG domain, you will need to be a Singaporean or a Singapore registered company.

To register a .COM.SG domain, you will need to be a Singapore registered company.

That is fantastic! It is better that your domain has not expired yet when you plan to transfer with us.
What will happen is that what ever duration is left for your domain will be transferred with additional years you subscribe with us.


You can configure your account via Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) from your mobile devices. EAS protocol allows wireless synchronization with the built-in iOS / Android device applications (Contacts, Calendar, and Mail). 

Server: msync.zoho.com
Username: Your Email Address (eg. [email protected])
Password: Your Password (If Two Factor Authentication is enabled, use Application Specific Password)
Domain: Leave Blank

If your domain is managed by us, we’ve preconfigured the email settings to automatically populate with most Mail applications (eg. Outlook, Apple Mail). But if you need the detailed settings for any standard IMAP client, the configuration details are given below.

Incoming Server Settings:

Incoming Server Name: imappro.zoho.com
Port: 993
Require SSL: Yes  
Username: [email protected] 

Outgoing Server Settings:

Outgoing Server Name: smtppro.zoho.com
Port: 465 with SSL
Require Authentication: Yes

To access your emails from the web, simply go to mail.[yourdomain] (eg. mail.sohwatt.com).
Then login with your email address and password.

The plans (mailboxes & additional storage) are managed like licenses. You can easily swop additional storage with mailboxes, delete and create new mailboxes without paying for more licenses.
Licenses are also prorated with your billing cycle.