How to SSH into your Synology (MacOS)

In this guide, we’ll show you how to enable SSH on your Synology so that you can easily manage it via Terminal.
Note: It is recommended that you change the default port number especially if you intend to access SSH via Internet.

  1. Connect to your Synology via a web browser, login with your credentials.
  2. Once in, open Control Panel and select Terminal & SNMP.
  1. Check on Enable SSH service and Apply. (Recommended that you change the default port number to something else)
  1. Open Terminal and type the SSH @ Username and Synology address -p xx. Then press Return. (If you’ve changed your port number include -p and the port number)
ssh [email protected] -p 30
  1. A prompt will request a confirmation to connect to the fingerprint. Type yes.
  1. Enter your Password. Then press Return.
  1. You’ve successfully SSHed into your Synology!